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How to improve digital marketing results

Digital marketing is a skill that can be mastered with a lot of practice through time. To get there you can obviously go through some bad times. That means also learning how to improve digital marketing results. This is something inevitable and today we will explore eight ways to overcome them and turn them around.

Improve digital marketing

Is your business digital marketing ready? 3 tips for you to find out

Digital marketing is a vital part of business, whether you are digitally native or not.  If you haven’t started digital campaigns just yet for your business, chances are you have considered it. On-line marketing can bring many benefits to big and small business alike, thanks to new technologies and tools and vast improvements to services. Before you throw yourself into an on-line marketing campaign here are 3 to understand whether you are digital marketing ready.

tips to improve digital marketing

Keyword Density: A how to guide

The responsibility that rested on keyword density has shifted. Over 5 years, Google has changed the importance they give to keywords and the search engine algorithms now prefer we-written and relevant content. This is down to the fact that, after many studies about keyword density in on-line content, web pages with an exaggeration of keywords being repeated, were generally to be considered poorly written.

keyword density understanding

5 Key tools: Social Media for Charities

When it comes to social media for charities, they are generally in a better position than normal commercial brands. They have an enthusiastic, emotionally connected supporter base readily available, prepared to sing their praises. However, that does not mean success is to be taken for granted. With organic reach squeezed and a large number of brands scrambling for space on your news feed, it is getting increasingly hard to draw in the individuals that actually matter. That said, charities do have a hidden weapon up their sleeve. Here are The Island’s top suggestions for social media charity campaigns. 1. Create […]

social media for charities

5 Tips to boost your business using Twitter

The attention social media is receiving is going to last a long time, today we will focus on Twitter. If your ultimate aim is to grow your business, and overtake your competitors, then now is the right time to master the social media platforms out there. 5 Tips to Boost your Business Using Twitter Interact with your followers Marketers have the tendency to forget that Twitter and other social media platforms are not like old school tools like TV broadcasts.  You don’t need to sell every time you publish something. If you only post links back to your own website […]

how to boost your twitter

How does mobile impact SEO strategy?

Marketers are continuously looking at taking advantage of the newest search engine algorithm, and search engines are implementing these changes to make it an even playing field. This creates an ever-changing environment. Mobile plays a big role in this and impacts SEO more than one would think. How does mobile impact SEO strategy? 1. Loading time plays a key role Smartphones and other mobile devices don’t have the same hardware power as a laptop or desktop computer. The next factor is that the internet connections are as fast. This all translates to the fact that a mobile website needs to load […]

mobile and impact seo strategy

8 marketing trends driving the future

We are half way through 2015 and Google algorithms, content strategy and mobilisation are still the buzz words in marketing. But what trends will remain? What will be the most popular? What is the next big thing? In this article The Island wants to give you an overview of what conversations are happening in the world of marketing and what the on-line world is saying the top 10 trends will be in the coming years for marketing. 1. Mobile is going to be front and centre (more than it already is) Evolution in technology and what consumers use mobile tech […]

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4 Reasons you need to partner with an agency for your SEO

While there are advantages of having in-house personnel manage your SEO campaigns, there are many more that come with partnering up with a dedicated digital agency, specialized in SEO. Here is a list of some core advantages. 1. Ongoing training and expertise. Search engines are dynamic, rankings and visibility change every time the search algorithms are updated but it can also mean new opportunities for you. Understanding this is critical to a business and its success. It is vital to have ongoing search engine marketing training. This is exactly the job a digital agency performs. They monitor and stay ahead […]

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