How to improve digital marketing results

Digital marketing is a skill that can be mastered with a lot of practice through time. To get there you can obviously go through some bad times. That means also learning how to improve digital marketing results. This is something inevitable and today we will explore eight ways to overcome them and turn them around.

1. Review and revamp your digital marketing strategy

Many businesses fall into the erroneous pattern of repeating their strategy year after year. This can be an option if the results prove to be positive year in and year out. But if the results appear to be stagnant then your best option is to revamp and review your strategy to improve digital marketing results. The digital panorama is constantly changing and what worked last year could turn out to be a failure next year.

Take an external view and look at your digital marketing strategy, checking out what you should be enhancing, improving or replacing and start getting the results you want.

2. Form a team or hire an agency

If you revamp your digital marketing strategy an important part of how to improve digital marketing results is forming a team that will take care of it as their sole purpose. This is because a strategy needs a team that can execute it to perfection. In an internet driven world old marketing structures will not work or deliver the same results. Identify what key roles you should be looking at depending on what you are looking to achieve and which channels you will be using.

3. Use social media, go local and mobile

Boost your presence as a business on social media to create a following of fans, and maximise your exposure. This could prove to be one of your best weapons. 7 in 10 people in the UK own a smartphone as of 2015 and the numbers are expected to increase in the next years. 60% of these owners use their mobile to perform web searches and a massive 50% use it to make purchases with a preference of the results turning up local options.

Social adoption can improve digital marketing strategies and it goes beyond having profiles on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+, but should include maintaining an active social media presence that generates engagement and social signals from targeted audiences.

4. Implement a multi-channel campaign

To maximise your chances of success your business should learn how to implement a multi channel digital marketing strategyConnecting and engaging with targeted audiences is crucial for success and survival of your business so it is vital that you begin with a multi-channel campaign now.

Consumer trends do imply that multi-channel is the way to go because they tend to make decisions to buy after going over at least 6 channels. Try integrating display, mobile, social and video marketing into your strategy and see how the results vary.

5. Diversification is key

A multi channel approach will deliver good results and diversifying this approach will deliver even better results. Focusing solely on social media, SEO or paid ads as some tools may not be the ideal contact point to reach your target market. Remember that website traffic comes from all these different channels and tools so focusing on one will mean missed opportunities to get seen and certainly not improve digital marketing efforts for your business.

Consumers have endless information sources in the modern world and have greater power to choose their purchasing options. Successfully generating targeted customer contact or engagement through the online channels your audiences use will give your business better chances of generating the results you want.

6. Develop a content strategy

Each marketing campaign should take advantage of a great content marketing strategy. What you really need to do is focus on content that sets you apart from the competition and for that your content has to be something special.

epic_morecontentUp to 73% of B2B marketers are ramping up on their content marketing strategies and doing so allows them to get some or all of the following: deeper engagement and higher conversion, more traffic, more followers and fans, brand advocates.

7. Use alternative content

Visual is front and centre when it comes to content nowadays and it will be for quite some time. Content with visual elements will generate more views and more engagement when audiences are properly targeted. The greater the number, higher relevance and more compelling included photos and videos are, the higher rankings your pages will be included in according to the SEO Ranking Factors and Correlations from Searchmetrics.

8. Adopt a continuous improvement mindset

The last point on our list of ways to improve digital marketing results is to create a mindset that drives you to continuously improve  your strategies. Get insights from analytics, run ROI scenarios and use this data to improve.

Doing business in the digital world is very competitive and challenging. However if you try hard enough you will be able to get the results you need for your business to succeed. Hopefully reading these 8 steps will help you go in the right direction and improve your digital marketing results.

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