In Venue Digital Marketing: Smarter Wi-fi and why your in venue data is your most valuable asset

The last few years has seen venues capitalising on our desire to remain connected wherever we are and, understandably, providing this service will likely raise a customer’s opinion of a venue which in turn can lead to an array of attractive outcomes like increased customer satisfaction, higher footfall and greater spend through smarter in venue digital marketing.

But in the age of smartphones, at a time where offering free wifi is no longer an innovation limited to huge retail chains and airports – what more can you be getting out of your in venue digital marketing?

That’s where we come in. With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, The Island has grown with the digital landscape around it and knows everything there is to know about smarter wifi offerings. We’re obsessed with pushing boundaries and seeing what more can be done which is why we not only know how to acquire customer data, but more importantly how to use it to ensure customers return to your venue time and time again.

Your in-venue data has the potential to become your most valuable asset if it’s used in the right way. It’s easy to build lists, but it’s harder to build relationships and that’s exactly what you want to be doing when you get that like on Facebook or that email address from a customer who wants to connect to your wifi and may or may not return to your venue dependant on your next move.

So how can you offer customers more than just free wifi and grow your brand and business at the same time? If you haven’t guessed already, our money is once again on our proven approach to providing digital solutions, our foundation, our prodigy – Brand, Build, Business™.

The Island tackles smarter wifi implementation by ensuring that all three building blocks of our ethos are developed accordingly. This means that when a customer tries to connect to your venue’s wifi, they’ll find themselves on a fully bespoke, fully branded, cross platform responsive landing page built by us to best convey your specific brand’s personality and voice from the outset.

In fact, we build everything from that first landing page, to the splash screen where you can gather guest profile data, to the CRM campaign targeting all those new email addresses you’ve found yourself with. When it comes to the Business link of the chain it’s easy to lose momentum as your data capture system will already be up and running and gathering information for you.

The Island goes above and beyond conventional campaign management to make your business truly competitive in its use of digital. Why limit yourself to just engaging with customers offsite on their computers at home? Why not use sign-in identification onsite to send notifications to guests offering discounts on food and drink while your customers are actually in the venue?

There’s no limit to what you can do with your in-venue data and we’re always looking to grow businesses with our expertise in in-venue digital marketing.

Have a look at what we offer as our in-venue digital marketing strategy to make sure that your company is retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

So there you have it. A venue’s most valuable commodity will always be the satisfaction and retention of guests and The Island’s experience with in-venue digital marketing can guarantee both. In line with our proven Brand, Build, Business™ approach, as with any venture we undertake, we develop your brand, build your tools and grow your business. The tools around us are changing and more often than not those who enjoy success are the ones who make full use of those at their disposal.

If you’d like to find out more about how The Island can help you realise the potential of your in-venue data please use the form below.