The Island Takes a Travel Digital Marketing Trip with Ocean Holidays

Never ones to turn away the opportunity to work with travel companies in our capacity as a travel digital marketing agency, The Island are immensely proud to have been working closely with Ocean Holidays and their associated brands for the last few years.

Ocean Florida are the UK’s leading independent Florida travel specialist with tens of thousands of people using them to visit Mickey and his friends every year! Ocean California are not far behind, providing unique holiday experiences to prime West Coast locations for over 250,000 people since their inception.

When designing or reinvigorating a travel brand, the aesthetic of the site is more often than not a crucial element to the work, as it communicates to the customers how beautiful the destinations are, how the hotels looks and what the holiday is all about. This means that as an agency, we’re obligated to make every inch of the site, from the photography used for creative, to the layout and colour scheme – look and feel like a 5 star holiday.

So that’s exactly what we did with Ocean Florida and Ocean California. We began by initially addressing the Ocean Florida brand to determine how best to present the image of a sun-drenched, fun-filled, family friendly and excursion heavy holiday. What we were left with was a beautiful, high-saturation colour scheme that buzzed with energy and excitement, and this was rolled out across all design collateral including magazine and brochure designs for the customers as well as a Florida Travel Guide in association with Brand USA and all the tourist boards throughout Florida.

This was then applied to the design of the website itself and the result was a stunning, fully responsive digital platform that conveyed Ocean Florida’s reputation, their ethos and most importantly,  a glimpse of a truly unforgettable holiday.

We’re thrilled to say that Ocean California followed suit and launched their brand new website, designed by us, recently. As a travel digital marketing agency, we’re lucky enough to have struck up a strong relationship with Ocean Holidays and can now say that we proudly own their full brand set, including Cruise, Ski and USA.

Like holidays, one happy client is never enough for us! See what other adventures we’ve been on as a travel digital marketing agency here.