Looking to grow business with social media this year?

At The Island we work with our clients to setup and implement strategies, designs and processes that help grow business with social media. Whether this is to increase awareness, leads or sales opportunities.

Our digital design, marketing and sales expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brand, product or service strategy, design and implementation
  • Lead generation and sales conversion
  • Database build through eCRM processes and on-going management
  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimisation for lead generation
  • Social media strategy to grow and convert audiences into sales leads
  • Website design and enhancements to attract leads and convert to sale.

As an example, did you know there is a way to convert your website visitors into a real company address and phone number?

This means you can see the companies that are visiting your website, without capturing their details through a web form, and use broad marketing to target them directly.

If you’d like 2015 to be a successful digital year for you and your business, get it touch.

The Island