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Tie Break Tens – exciting new concept in tennis

Tie Break Tens is an exciting new concept in tennis, think 20/20 for cricket, and The Island were lucky enough to be asked to design and build the website as well as all the marketing and promotional collateral. It was a hectic few months as anything brand new tends to grow organically so we had to be totally adaptable to changing formats and requests from all stakeholders in the event. The night itself was a massive success with Andy Murray, John McEnroe, David Ferrer, Tim Henman and, eventual winner, Kyle Edmund gracing the TBT court. With any new concept there […]

sport marketing for tennis tournament

6 Mobile SEO facts

Today’s topic is mobile SEO to underline the fact the world is really going mobile. Everywhere you look nowadays you see people hunched over smartphones. You can really say the world is turning mobile. With a smartphone you can perform almost any task you wish and most times it offers more capabilities than a personal computer. This is also due to mobile SEO.

6 Facts about mobile SEO

6 mistakes of social media marketing

Today we will be going over 6 of the most common mistakes of social media marketing. Social media marketing is a growing world and more and more businesses are diving head forward into it. Using social media will allow you to reach out to a broader target audience and create greater brand awareness. How do you know though which is best approach for you? Hopefully you’ll be in a better position after reading about these mistakes of social media marketing. 1. You need to use every social media network out there This is probably the easiest to avoid. Think about […]

mistakes of social media marketing

How to improve digital marketing results

Digital marketing is a skill that can be mastered with a lot of practice through time. To get there you can obviously go through some bad times. That means also learning how to improve digital marketing results. This is something inevitable and today we will explore eight ways to overcome them and turn them around.

Improve digital marketing

How to plan for digital marketing

Digital marketing isn’t as simple as one may think. To develop a plan for digital marketing a lot of time is involved and the process can be quite complex. The attention to detail you reserve to the planning process the more likely you are to get great benefits from your investment. Starting from the basics there are so many platforms to choose from and getting this part right is fundamental. Planning is essential, it allows you to know exactly what channels and platforms you are going to use and when to use them. Having a plan is key. If you […]

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4 essentials for your branding strategy

Every business needs a good branding strategy, no matter the size. Branding is what gives your customers their first impression and what they can expect from you as a business. A brand isn’t just a simple logo, it is everything connected to it. Branding is image, tone of voice and more than ever a community. You can develop this in many ways, and the first obvious choice is starting with your website, leading to all digital and non digital strategies. These 4 essentials for your branding strategy will get you started whatever your business. 1. Decide the image you want […]

how to develop branding strategy

3 Ways to double your social media content – Infographic

Too often, creating social media content can seem more work than it is worth. This is especially true for start-up environments, run by busy people with more “important” things to do than post on Twitter and check on Facebook engagement levels. The following tactical methods have been proven to produce twice the amount of social media content with only half of the effort. The great thing about this approach is that higher output on social media generally produces a greater level of engagement.

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