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In Venue Digital Marketing: Smarter Wi-fi and why your in venue data is your most valuable asset

The last few years has seen venues capitalising on our desire to remain connected wherever we are and, understandably, providing this service will likely raise a customer’s opinion of a venue which in turn can lead to an array of attractive outcomes like increased customer satisfaction, higher footfall and greater spend through smarter in venue digital marketing.


6 mistakes of social media marketing

Today we will be going over 6 of the most common mistakes of social media marketing. Social media marketing is a growing world and more and more businesses are diving head forward into it. Using social media will allow you to reach out to a broader target audience and create greater brand awareness. How do you know though which is best approach for you? Hopefully you’ll be in a better position after reading about these mistakes of social media marketing. 1. You need to use every social media network out there This is probably the easiest to avoid. Think about […]

mistakes of social media marketing

How to improve digital marketing results

Digital marketing is a skill that can be mastered with a lot of practice through time. To get there you can obviously go through some bad times. That means also learning how to improve digital marketing results. This is something inevitable and today we will explore eight ways to overcome them and turn them around.

Improve digital marketing

How to plan for digital marketing

Digital marketing isn’t as simple as one may think. To develop a plan for digital marketing a lot of time is involved and the process can be quite complex. The attention to detail you reserve to the planning process the more likely you are to get great benefits from your investment. Starting from the basics there are so many platforms to choose from and getting this part right is fundamental. Planning is essential, it allows you to know exactly what channels and platforms you are going to use and when to use them. Having a plan is key. If you […]

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Is your business digital marketing ready? 3 tips for you to find out

Digital marketing is a vital part of business, whether you are digitally native or not.  If you haven’t started digital campaigns just yet for your business, chances are you have considered it. On-line marketing can bring many benefits to big and small business alike, thanks to new technologies and tools and vast improvements to services. Before you throw yourself into an on-line marketing campaign here are 3 to understand whether you are digital marketing ready.

tips to improve digital marketing

The current state of email marketing: An Infographic

What is the current state of email marketing? Has it been surpassed by newer technologies and trends? The email marketing landscape is constantly changing. Between the introduction of new anti-spam laws, more email apps, and new phones, email marketing has never presented more challenges—or as we see it, opportunities. Take a look at this infographic and find out about the current state of email marketing.  

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How to design a high-converting email newsletter

An email newsletter is a message that is sent out to subscribers typically on a regular interval. Email newsletters may be sent daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annually. The content of email newsletters varies with each edition. Does your business send an email newsletter? Are you stuck with getting unsatisfactory results? It could be down to the design. Today The Island will be taking you through a short list of suggestions that could improve the turnout of your email campaigns. 1. Use a familiar ‘From’ name The key to success here is to use a name that is familiar […]

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