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Our unique digital marketing agency process means we Brand, Build and grow your Business

Our unique Brand, Build, Business™ process sets the foundation that The Island stands on and it’s our way of life. In the years when The Island was first starting out as a digital marketing agency, our Director, Marcel Cowan decided to unite these building blocks into a working philosophy based on the simple idea that strengthening one is effective, growing two is better, but by integrating all three – anything can be achieved. That’s why The Island will always take a holistic approach to working with you in offering you our expertise as a full service digital marketing agency to ensure your story is […]


As an expert sports marketing agency we will enhance your clubs asset values through branding and marketing

Sporting clubs who have catapulted themselves into similar arenas as the marketing giants of today are those who time and time again deliver meaningful brand messages and those who make prolific use of every relevant asset at their disposal. But in our noisy digital landscape how can you activate your brand and retain club members? How can you encourage your fans to engage with your products and assets? That’s where we come in. The Island Agency takes a holistic approach to brand management and has proven its success in working as a sports marketing agency to measurably improve digital channels by a […]

Sports Marketing Agency: The Island lead the campaign for Tie Break Tens Tennis Tournament

A new tennis season and a new opportunity for The Island to prove itself as a sports marketing agency. The 2016 tennis season begins today as the Australian Open in Melbourne throws open its gates to fans. The runner up in the men’s event in 2015 was Andy Murray. This was the fourth time he had lost in the Australian Open Final – an open era record. It may be the first tennis Grand Slam of the season, but Andy Murray has kept himself very busy over the winter months, and so have we. Here at The Island, we had […]

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Tie Break Tens – exciting new concept in tennis

Tie Break Tens is an exciting new concept in tennis, think 20/20 for cricket, and The Island were lucky enough to be asked to design and build the website as well as all the marketing and promotional collateral. It was a hectic few months as anything brand new tends to grow organically so we had to be totally adaptable to changing formats and requests from all stakeholders in the event. The night itself was a massive success with Andy Murray, John McEnroe, David Ferrer, Tim Henman and, eventual winner, Kyle Edmund gracing the TBT court. With any new concept there […]

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How to improve digital marketing results

Digital marketing is a skill that can be mastered with a lot of practice through time. To get there you can obviously go through some bad times. That means also learning how to improve digital marketing results. This is something inevitable and today we will explore eight ways to overcome them and turn them around.

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5 Key tools: Social Media for Charities

When it comes to social media for charities, they are generally in a better position than normal commercial brands. They have an enthusiastic, emotionally connected supporter base readily available, prepared to sing their praises. However, that does not mean success is to be taken for granted. With organic reach squeezed and a large number of brands scrambling for space on your news feed, it is getting increasingly hard to draw in the individuals that actually matter. That said, charities do have a hidden weapon up their sleeve. Here are The Island’s top suggestions for social media charity campaigns. 1. Create […]

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8 marketing trends driving the future

We are half way through 2015 and Google algorithms, content strategy and mobilisation are still the buzz words in marketing. But what trends will remain? What will be the most popular? What is the next big thing? In this article The Island wants to give you an overview of what conversations are happening in the world of marketing and what the on-line world is saying the top 10 trends will be in the coming years for marketing. 1. Mobile is going to be front and centre (more than it already is) Evolution in technology and what consumers use mobile tech […]

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4 Reasons you need to partner with an agency for your SEO

While there are advantages of having in-house personnel manage your SEO campaigns, there are many more that come with partnering up with a dedicated digital agency, specialized in SEO. Here is a list of some core advantages. 1. Ongoing training and expertise. Search engines are dynamic, rankings and visibility change every time the search algorithms are updated but it can also mean new opportunities for you. Understanding this is critical to a business and its success. It is vital to have ongoing search engine marketing training. This is exactly the job a digital agency performs. They monitor and stay ahead […]

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Sports Marketing: where the fan comes second!

The Premiership season is about to kick off in England.

Excitement is high, nerves are on edge, predictions for the season have been discussed again and again. It’s sweaty palm time.

And that is just for the people who work in sports marketing! Being part of a commercial sports team is a constant juggle between being an illogical and passionate fan, combined with the sensible head you need to make sure fans keep coming week after week.

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